We Got an Apartment!

Hey look, I’m writing a thing again! I honestly don’t know how all of those other FI bloggers crank out the posts. I guess I know now that blogging isn’t really my thing. (If you want more reliable financial bloggers that you can actually follow, you can click here, here, and here and here and—you know… Continue reading We Got an Apartment!

Pursuing Your Safe Job

“Why are you an accountant?” This is a question I am very used to getting. When I was in high school, I took multiple art and theater classes because I enjoyed them, and I was pretty good at them (at least the art ones). During my college internships at CPA firms, I would often draw pictures for… Continue reading Pursuing Your Safe Job

Early Retirement Progress Report: $100,000

My wife and I were discussing how I wanted to tell our financial success story up to this point, but I felt it was too daunting. That's when she stepped up to the task of gathering all the relevant milestones and summarizing it for YOU, our loyal readership of five people (nothing wrong with a… Continue reading Early Retirement Progress Report: $100,000